Membership Information

There are two levels of membership: In Region Business and Out of Region Business.
New members pay a $35 Registration Fee in addition to annual dues. 

 In Region Business Membership (annual dues $40) is for the tea business entrepreneur located in one of the MATBA states (Delaware, Maryland, NewJersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia,Washington DC. and West Virginia)

Out of Region Business Membership (annual dues $30), is open to tea business entrepreneurs outside MATBA’s geographical area.

Lifetime Membership has been granted to our founding members: Over the Teacup, Sweet Remembrances and
The Rosemary House.

Payment of Dues

  • Membership fees are due each year 
  • If you pay by check, please include the  the Membership Application Form.  ( please see below)
  • To mail your payment, make check payable to the Mid-Atlantic Tea  Business Association and contact the current Treasurer, Kathleen Hippeli, for her mailing address.  
  • Renew before expiration to avoid re-registration fees.
  • All members must be dues paying members. 
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