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Food Safety Modernization Act + Tea Tasting

posted Apr 27, 2017, 4:34 PM by L Brommer   [ updated Apr 27, 2017, 4:36 PM ]
Members of the regional tea business association MATBA gathered at Tea by Two in Bel Air, MD, a tea room owned by long time friends Janet Bradley and Erin Meyers and original members of the association. The April seminar typically features a special guest speaker, and for this meeting we welcomed Anupa Mueller of Eco-Prima Tea and Silver Tips Tea based in West Chester County, New York.

The first session of the meeting was a discussion about the Food Safety Modernization Act and how it affects the tea business, including the small tea entrepreneur. Anupa walked us through this important topic imparting valuable knowledge with an equal dose of levity, sharing the process as it pertains to her business and ours with the main focus on prevention rather than reaction. Following that program, Anupa conducted a tea tasting featuring Darjeeling teas from the Makaibari Estate in India.

We were able to taste a Makaibari First Flush which offers a lovely, cool taste with a little sharpness in the back of the throat. Following that, we sampled a Second Flush which produces a liquor that is thicker, sweeter, with more of a floral component. Typically, this is the American consumer's choice. And finally, we sampled a Risheehat 2017 forced plucking. This tea has a sweet nectar with no noticeable sharpness.

Special thank you to Deb and Mike Raab of Tea-for-All for organizing and coordinating this informative and interactive seminar. The Association continues to grow under their faithful guidance and behind the scenes efforts. Swag Bags were filled by fellow members and included an amazing assortment of tea samples from green through black, flavored or not, and even a Matcha flavored Kit Kat Bar!