Read what our members have to say about the benefits of their ongoing membership in the 

Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association as they share their thoughts here

"Since joining MATBA in 2005, we have made many important connections with people in the tea industry.. The meetings are both educational and enjoyable. Having tea at member tea rooms gives us a chance to enjoy the reason we opened Tea by Two - we love having tea. In addition we have made some lasting friendships and most importantly, there are people on our side who want us to succeed and understand exactly what we do. Truly worth it!!"~ Erin & Janet, Tea by Two, Tea Room & Gift Shop, Bel Air, MD

"From the comradery among likeminded business owners and the friendships that have developed among members, to the educational programs featuring leaders in the tea industry and occasional programs with various business topics; over the years, MATBA continues to be a source of inspiration to me."~ Nancy Reppert, Sweet Remembrances Tea Room, Mechanicsburg, PA

""As one of the co-founders of MATBA, it gives me great pleasure to see how this organization has grown. In the early days, there was little help for those who wanted to start a tea business. Then came a breakthrough called the Let’s Do Tea Conference which was held in Las Vegas, NE. Eventually the name was changed to The World Tea Conference and is alive and well today. These conferences provide a wellspring of educational forums as well as boot camps for those who are starting a business, or perhaps thinking about it. After attending several of those conferences, and by now I was operating my own teahouse, I felt the need for more. It was then while shopping at The Rosemary House that I shared my thoughts with Susanna Reppert Brill. Ironically, she and her sister Nancy Reppert from Sweet Remembrances Tea Room had the same thoughts. And so, in April of 2005 MATBA was born. Over these past ten years tea professionals have gathered together quarterly to share their love of tea. Each meeting provides an educational forum as well as an opportunity to offer help and encouragement to one another."~ Janet Young,Over the Teacup, Camp Hill, PA

"MATBA is an extraordinary association of TEA INDUSTRY professionals who go above and beyond to support one-another and the tea industry. I am honored and proud to be associated with the level of education, dedication and ethics that MATBA offers its members." ~Mike Raab, Tea-For-All,Trenton,New Jersey

"The Mid Atlantic Tea Business Association (MATBA) is a premier organization for those of us in the tea business. The caring and sharing of our tea business community is unsurpassed! The Skills Building Workshops and various tea experiences that are offered to our members are top notch. I am proud to affiliated with this association that offers me connections with such a variety of tea businesses."~Debbie Raab, owner - Tea-For-All, Trenton,New Jersey

"When I think about my MATBA membership I am filled with joyful anticipation, professional motivation, as well as a sense of accomplishment. After receiving my initial tea education through The Specialty Tea Institute (STI), I was searching for a way to supplement my tea education and professional development; what a great find when I discovered the Mid-Atlantic Tea Business Association (MATBA). This wonderful professional organization has certainly provided me opportunities to grow while developing my professional skills and knowledge within the tea industry. "~Marcella Farina,The Tea And Hat Lady, Mechanicsburg, PA

""I am happy to belong to an organization that represents tea professionals of every category. I see this as an opportunity to support each other in the ways we promote tea, its lifestyle, customs and rituals. I see MATBA as uplifting and respecting the different ways we are tea professionals and understand whether tea room owner; on-line store retailer; publishers and writers of tea information; speakers and educators - we all have something to offer, to share and learn from. In fact, these differences help us see what we each do from a differentperspective. I have a passion for teaching and my goal is to promote a lifestyle that includes drinking high quality tea and incorporating the ritual of tea into each day. Hearing from each member in how they promote tea and problem solve helps me. Every individual success is a reflection on all of us and MATBA."~Karen, Greenhalgh Tea,Thornton, PA